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Morocco tour guide we are travel agency in Morocco we organizer tours all around morocco

Our Story

We are a family of nine members. Before the year 2006, we were living a simple life far from any city or village. In general, our life was all about traveling from a place to another looking for a better life for our herd. Clearly, our life was all about traveling. At the beginning of the year 2006, the Southeast of Morocco faced the biggest storm ever. Unfortunately, at this time we were still living as nomads and couldn't handle the situation. The storm scared the herd. As we were living in the border between Morocco and Algeria, most of our herd went to Algeria. At that time no one could think will create a website and become Morocco Tour Guide.

The changing point that made Morocco tour guide.

Because of the bad relationships that both Morocco and Algeria had at that time, no one could come and go through the borders. At that time only two of our family went to study in Erfoud, the others were young for that. After the accident, we had to settle down somewhere. But our passion for traveling was still alive. Likely, we moved to Merzouga village. This place offered us what we were dreaming of. Fortunately, being trip guides allowed us to travel around Morocco, but this time with guests.

Our Mission As Morocco tour Guide

We strive to be the highest rated Morocco Tour Guide Filled with our passion for traveling, we look forward to offering our guests the best Morocco tours around the country. Our Mission is to show you the real Morocco and share our culture. Indeed, sharing is caring. We care about our clients and always try to satisfy them. What makes us different is being the locals of this country. As a result, we know everything that is needed to offer you ordinary trips with real information and true facts. However, being tour guides is a priceless chance for us to get to know about our guests' cultures and experiences.

Our Goal

Above all, our aim from creating this website is to offer you the best-guided tours.


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