FAQs: About Morocco.


Answers to some common questions about the Kingdom of Morocco


You can rent a car from the airport or hire a local Moroccan travel agency.

What to Bring

Morocco is the country of paradox. Therefore, we recommend you bring summer and winter clothes.

Frequently Asked Questions About Morocco :

Do I need visa to enter Morocco?

The truth is that if you want to be sure that you need a visa to enter Morocco, you need to contact your country's embassy. Furthermore, if you want to apply for a visa, you need to do that directly through the Moroccan embassy in Rabat.

What is the best time to visit Morocco

During the periods of spring and autumn, the temperature gets around 25 degrees (25°C × 9/5) + 32 = 77°F.

Is Morocco safe to travel to?

According to Nomadic matt and other sources, Morocco is a safe country for traveling. You could face scammers, hustlers. But they are harmless you just have to ignore them. In general, Morocco is still a very safe country to visit.

Can I drive in Morocco?

Yes, you difinetly can drive in every part of the country. Further, you need to have an international driving license.

Is shopping good in Morocco?

Yes, Morocco is very famous for its huge souks(shops). The only thing it takes is to know how to bargain with the shopkeepers.

Can I use a Moroccan sim card?

At the entrance of the airport, there are people who offer sim cards at cheap prices, around 20 MAD.

Am I allowed to smoke or drink alcohol in Morocco?

Morocco is an Islamic country. However, tourists are allowed to get alcohol from bars, hotels, supermarkets like Carrefour. Also, smoking cigarettes is allowed.

What currency Morocco uses?

Morocco uses MAD, at the hotels, restaurants... they accept EUR and USD. Thus, you need to change any other currency out of those. However, you can always change at banks' agencies.

Can I get my deposit back in advance if I booked a tour with Morocco Tours Organizer?

With our travel agency you can get back your deposit if something surious happened(like Coronavirus).

How to book a trip with us?

Simply, you can choose one of our Morocco tours itineraries or contact us to customize an itinerary for you. Also, to confirm your booking, the deposit is required.

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