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Morocco photography locations:


The Sahara desert Merzouga is the hightlight of Morocco photography. Probably the Erg Chebbi sand dunes are what make Merzouga the best attraction in Morocco for photos.

On Merzouga Dunes, you are able to take photos at night and during the day time. Firstly, you can hire local’s camels and caravan them on the dunes. not only you can take photos of the sunset and sunrise but also for the nomad’s tents and made tents for tourists. Over all, to take the best Morocco photography in Merzouga, you will need to get to the top of the dunes, and the best way to do that is to hire a local travel agency for 4×4 vehicles.

Fes :

Fes is the cultural city of Morocco, this city has several beautiful places to try photography in Morocco. It’s very famous for its several gateways. For instance, the most famous one is « Bab Boujloud ». Also, it is called the Blue gate because of its colorful walls. Not to mention, it’s actually like a battle to photograph there because it’s very crowded. To sum up, you can just go to the restaurants there where you can photograph from above.

When talking about photographing in Fes, we should mention the « Chouara » Tanneries. Just to let you know, it’s doesn’t smell good there, but still a great place to shoot the men painting lather.

Finally, if you are interested to shoot the whole medina, there is a place called « Mount Zalagh » outside of the old Medina. Besides, the best time for that is during the sunset.

Meknes :

Meknes is one of the four imperial cities of Morocco. It was founded in the eleventh century which means it has many historical places.

The first one of Meknes’ collection is the Roman ruins or « Volibilus ». A place that was damaged by earthquakes. Many say it was the capital of Mauritanian in the past. Further, for photographers, this place is just amazing because you can take a hike to the mountains near that spot and photograph. In addition, what makes it a great place is the well-preserved ruins.

The second one is « Bab El Mansour », it’s a huge old door that reflects the traditional Moroccan architecture. Besides, it was built in the 17th century. The way they handcrafted the cedar is just amazing. Not to mention, the best place to shoot there is at the front of the door, a mix of colors, Arabic alphabets and so many things you can get in there.

The final one would be the crowded souk. They still use donkeys to transfer the food and the house needs which is another good thing to shoot.

Casablanca :

Casablanca is the economical city of Morocco, it’s characterized for its huge building, mosques… As known Casablanca has one of the largest mosques in Africa. Further, it’s called Hassan 2 mosque, the best way to get some lovely pictures is to get inside the mosque which opens at 9 am. You will get amazed by the colorful crafted walls, the written Quran and so many more things to photograph.

Just about 12 mins from the mosque there is what is called La Cornich. A very good place to take a walk and shoot the reflection of the mosque in the Atlantic ocean. This place is famous for its luxury life; hotels, restaurants, cafes…

The last spot for Casablanca Morocco photography would be the Mahkama du Pacha, this spot represents the Moorish architecture and the Arabic Berber colors. It’s just another amazing place for shooting.

Agadir :

Another Morocco photography best location is Agadir. This sous Berber city is not far from Esssaouira. Therefore, it’s also located in the west of Morocco. The first thing that could make the city famous is the beach, it’s not only a place where people surf and swim but also fish and enjoy the sunset. Moreover, the city is has other Morocco attractions for photograpy. For instance, one of the Kasbahs where touaregs used to trade their goods. Not only it you can take beautiful photos at the Crocodile park but also at El Badi Palace and bird valley. Over all, if the photographer has enough time, there are other places to visit like Agadir Oufella panoramic view and of Garden Olhão.

Essaouira :

Essaouira, or the  windy city of Africa.  This beautiful country holds some of the beautiful places for photography. Firstly, Essaouira is a famous place for fishing, there is a port called Citadel , it’s count as the first spot for Essaouira Morocco photography. Secondly, Not only the Port of sqala is to be a place for photo shots but also  Ramparts. The city is surely a should discover place for  photography purposes.

Chefchaouen :

One of the best places that you will definitely fall in love with is the blue pearl of Morocco. Chefchaouen has a lot of places that are just outstanding. However, what makes it special is the blue color, so every place in this city is a good spot for taking pictures. Furthermore, one of the best places for Morocco photography in Chaouen is to shoot pictures of the city from up of the green Rif mountains.

Marrakech :

The red city is probably one of the best destinations for Morocco photography. This place has a lot of spots that will definitely amaze you with their beauty. Marrakech is known for being one of the busiest cities in Morocco. Yet, it still a beautiful and colorful place for taking pictures. Without a doubt, the famous square of Jamaa El-Fna comes first when we talk about the best spots in this city. Most of Morocco photography tours‘ leaders advise going upstairs of a cafe or a restaurant to see the whole square in order to take pictures

 The view of the Koutoubia Mosque, the small shops, and the evening entertainments is such a unique thing to see. Moreover, among some of the other best places for taking pictures Marrakech, there are the Majorelle and Menara gardens, the most seen activities in the red city. Furthermore, like every big city in Morocco, Marrakech has the most colorful souk streets, which makes them one of the main places to practice Morocco photography.

Ait Ben Haddou:

The fortified village of Ait Benhaddou is the main thing that most tourists visit when touring in Morocco. This place is famous for its kasbahs, which makes it a good spot for Morocco photography. In general, this small village was and is a famous destination for a lot of movie directors. Many famous movies have been shot in Ait Ben-Haddou, taking the example of the Gladiator and the series of Game of Thrones.

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