Morocco Landmarks, beautiful places not to miss

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Landmarks of Morocco.

As we all know, Morocco has become a destination for many tourists in the last years. Without a doubt, this explains that this country has a lot of beauty to show and many activities to offer. For sure, landmarks in Morocco are one of the main things that attract tourists, as a result, and in this blog, we will share with you the main Morocco landmarks that you should visit if it happens that you are in morocco as a citizen or as a tourist. Also, in this blog, you will discover the most beautiful places to visit in Morocco, such as Moroccan cities and villages.

Most beautiful places in Morocco you should visit:

Morocco landmarks: Cities.

When we talk about Moroccan cities, we talk about history, beauty, and fascinating architecture. These cities reflect the richness of Morocco and its civilizations, but also the diversity of cultures and opinions.


Definitely, Chaouen is a destination that everyone in our outside of Morocco should not miss. The blue pearl or the blue city is located in the northwest of Morocco, exactly in the Rif Mountains. However, most people that visit it fall in its love easily and wish to stay.landmarks of Morocco


In the last years, Marrakech has been the ultimate representative of Morocco landmarks. Although it is a really busy city, it is the most visited in Morocco as it became an unmissed destination. Most tourists choose to start their Morocco tours from this city in order to discover a lot of things passing by the desert.landmarks of morocco, moroccan cities


The economical capital of Morocco is for sure an important city that you visit. Among the beautiful and famous spots that this city has, we can talk about Hassan Tower.moroccan villages


Among the cities that one should not miss visit is for sure Fes. The imperial city of Morocco has a lot of landmarks to see, taking the example of the oldest university in the world.morocco landmarks


Without any doubt, one of the main cities that has beautiful landmarks in Morocco is Ouarzazate. This city is famous for being a place where they shoot movies. The Atlas film studio is the most visited spot in Ouarzazate and you definitely should visit it too.morocco landmarks, most beautiful places in morocco

Morocco landmarks: Villages.

Moroccan villages are where you will find the real Moroccan traditions and values. Among the Moroccan villages that you should not miss, we have:


Undoubtedly, Merzouga is one of the most famous villages in Morocco. However, what makes it more famous is having the golden dunes of Erg-Chabbi. Merzouga desert is known worldwide and the activities that the area offers are usually seen as the highlights.Morocco landmarks.

Ait Benhaddou:

Obviously, this is one of the villages that you definitely should visit. In general, this place is known for having the most famous Kasbahs in Morocco. Besides, being a place where they shot a lot of movies such as Game of Thrones and Vikings.moroccan villages

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