How is internet in Morocco?

How is internet in Morocco

These are your alternatives if you’re traveling to Morocco and want to stay connected to the Internet so that you may post photos from your vacation on Instagram, communicate with loved ones on WhatsApp, or utilize Google Maps to find a location they suggested.

I’m telling you that the best solution is to get a SIM card for Morocco because it is both far more affordable and simpler to use than paying roaming.

But before we do that, let’s examine our possibilities.



You may use this service to connect to the Internet, make calls, or send SMS messages in Morocco from providers like Movistar, Vodafone, and more. It’s outrageous that using your operator’s roaming in Morocco might cost you up to six, ten, or twelve euros for one MB of usage!


It is simple to use. Some contracts specify that roaming is immediately started as soon as you reach in the target country, thus you may not even need to.


quite pricey. The most costly choice, roaming often costs you for each MB used, which may cost anything from 6 to 18 euros.
You get few details from it. If you calculate your maximum daily MB usage, it is virtually impossible for you to use 50 to 60 MB in a week or even a single day trip. This is when you take into account the fact that you use the Internet for one MB per minute.

2. SIM CARDS: Purchase them in your nation and connect to the internet the moment you get off the plane.

SIM with data for Morocco

Purchase a SIM card for Morocco in your nation. You bring it in your luggage, have it delivered to your house at no cost, purchase it online, and as soon as the plane touches down, plug it into your mobile device to immediately start using the internet. Forget about searching for a location to get a card, and forget about the hefty roaming charges that come as a shock when you return home.

The cost of roaming is really high (not to mention a scam). Holafly cards, for example, are inexpensive and useful to use.

You have choices from:

2GB for 7 days for 29 euros
3GB for 10 days for 38 euros
5 GB for 30 days for 42 euros.


A local phone number is included with the Holafly card so you may make and receive calls inside of Morocco.
Without having to worry about recharging, you may use your card the entire time you are traveling.
You are able to maintain contact without having to change your number by keeping your WhatsApp number.
Using other devices like laptops, tables, or mobile phones, you may exchange data.
There is always chat and customer service help.
It is a transient card. You just toss it away once you return from your trip.


Often, it costs a little bit more than buying it at the destination (Morocco).
As the SIM card is a little card, it is probable that you may lose it if you take it out of the device, be it a tablet or a cellular one. Yet it’s probable that once it’s installed, you won’t uninstall it from your smartphone until after your vacation is over.
Read our article: Which data SIM card to buy for Morocco here for more information on what you save with the Holafly vs. Roaming card.


This choice may be familiar to you as well because it is available everywhere—in China, Morocco, and your own nation, among others. There isn’t much else to say about free WiFi in Morocco other than to advise you to exercise caution while sending money, accessing your bank accounts, or carrying out any other transactions that might reveal critical personal information. More justifications are provided below.


It’s unpaid. The fact that it is the only choice that will not cost you a single cent to connect to the Internet is one of its primary attractions.
It is present everywhere. You may use the Internet for free in a café, hotspot in a Moroccan plaza, library, or even at the airport. Just be cautious when viewing your private data.


It’s dangerous, and you risk being hacked. Since that these are public networks, it’s probable that one of them may try to steal private and sensitive data.
Some people urge you to make a purchase. They will ask you to purchase a coffee, snack, or bottle of water first before giving you the password because some free Internet network shops have them.

4. Pocket WiFi and MIFIE

You may be unfamiliar with this term. The MiFi is a WiFi point that links you through a device, and as it sounds, it performs a similar function as WiFi. The two key distinctions are as follows:

1) The rental fee for the gadget including internet service is contracted and ranges from 6 to 12 euros per day.

  1. The gadget is safe, discrete, and easy to carry in a backpack, handbag, or kangaroo, so you may stroll, travel, or visit the beach without incident. There are several drawbacks, which we shall list in the paragraphs that follow.


links a number of devices to the Internet. While SIM cards can also accomplish this, certain MiFis let you connect to more. Just the ones you need to use should be connected, so take care.
That doesn’t cost that much. A computer purchased through MiFi can cost you between 100 and 200 euros, but it’s for life. This is less than roaming but more than the SIM card.


different prices. The number of expenses you could incur with the MiFi, particularly if you rent the equipment, is one of its biggest drawbacks. Everything from the daily rental of equipment, SIM card, daily Internet connection, and even potential fines, must be paid.
laborious process. If you rent it, you are responsible for picking it up and for the packaging (envelope) used to return it. Some businesses will even request that you mail it.
all at once. You must always go together if you wish to connect many devices. It is not suggested since your connection will be poor and you will constantly be reliant on one device.


Get a SIM card for Morocco, which will cost you far less than a Pocket WiFi, MiFi, and roaming. The other charges you a lot for a few Megabytes while the first charges you many fees. An perfect substitute would be less expensive and provide you with all the features that are truly important: privacy, speed, and security.


How to make a call from Morocco to another country: Dial the numbers in the following order from Morocco to another country: 00 plus the nation code plus the phone number
Getting a hold of Morocco from abroad: to Morocco from abroad: 00 + the country code for Morocco (212) + the phone number + the Moroccan area code without the 0
The Moroccan regions’ area codes are shown below:

Casablanca (22)

Fes (55)

Lâayoune (48)

Marrakech (44)

Méknès (55)

Oujda (56)

Rabat (37)

Settat (23)

Tanger (Tangiers)-Tétouan (39)

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