Honeymoon in Morocco

Honeymoon in Morocco

Honeymoon in Morocco is the most reason why newly wedded couples go for because it is a habitual tradition. It is also an opportunity to get away from the wedding noise that just finished to a new quiet place. The majority of newlyweds in the past years chose isolated places to enjoy some time with each other. However, over the years the mindsets of people change as the times change. In order to get know each other, some couples experience adventure and adrenaline rush types activities while others like tranquility. Morocco has recently gained significant attention as it is a suitable country that offers great opportunities for a perfect honeymoon. Combining what has been mentioned above; Morocco is famous for its beaches, forests, mountains and sand dunes. In this blog, we will shed the light on the Sahara Desert and how romance could be found in it.

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Camel trekking

Honeymoon in Morocco

The Sahara Desert of Merzouga in the southeast of Morocco is one of the most visited places in the country. The golden sand dunes of Erg-Chebbi offer amazing scenes and unforgettable experiences. Together with your partner, you will ride your camels through the sand dunes and get pleasure from the fascinating views. In the heart of the desert, it is more romantic when you watch the sunset over the sand dunes. You can stop whenever you want to take some of your best photos for memorable moments.

Overnight stay in a luxury desert camp

Honeymoon in Morocco

Staying for a night in the middle of Sahara Desert can confusing, but spending it in a fully-equipped tent in the desert is totally astounding. First of all, the hosts will gladly welcome you with to the camp and show you your private tent. The tent is well prepared with all facilities to provide an extraordinary romantic desert honeymoon. Over a private candlelight table, they will serve you dinner in a special romantic atmosphere. Next, you can have a seat around a campfire to enjoy drums music. You can also ascend the dunes to catch an amazing scene of Sahara Desert sky. In a quiet clear

night, the gleaming stars shine forming a spectacular of Milky Way. Early in the morning, you can wake up to attend a magical desert sunrise and unique desert morning breeze. Eventually, the hosts will serve you a romantic breakfast over the golden sand dunes to perfectly make your stay unforgettable.

Desert adventure

Unlike the quiet activities, the desert adventure is more dynamic. On a 4WD vehicle, you will start this adventure by bashing the sands on a scenic drive over the dunes. En route, you will stop by different places to refresh and of course discover the hidden secrets of Sahara Desert. The nomads living in the black rocky desert at the edge of Erg-Chebbi dunes are the first stop to visit.

We will see nomad still living in traditional Berber tents presenting how local nomadic life once was in Merzouga area. Afterwards, we will drive on top of a mountain to catch a magnificent view of the sand dunes. It is a famous panoramic view that shows a clear sight of a valley that separates the sandy desert from the harsh rocky one. Finally, we visit a village back in the main way in which locals perform their legacy art which is Gnaoua music. It is Khamlia village where the most of inhabitants are actually originated from the Sub-Saharan countries.

ATV Quad Biking

Honeymoon in Morocco

For mechanical sport enthusiasts, it is possible to rent a quad and start discovering the dunes at a faster pace. Alongside with your partner, you can enjoy quad biking through the off-roads getting pleasure from the beautiful desert landscapes. On the quad, you will discover the different oasis hidden in the middle of the sand dunes. Guided by an experience guide, it is also a great opportunity to catch great memorable photos.

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